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The Absurdity with Ryan Becker

The Absurdity is a podcast hosted by Ryan Becker. I am a 24-year old Seventh-day Adventist Pastor currently residing in South Carolina. I am originally from Orlando, FL and graduated from Southern Adventist University in December 2015. By hosting this podcast, I am hoping to give a voice to those who are not able to speak loudly and use whatever platform God has given me to push conversation and social awareness forward in order to help create equality for everyone. This podcast is free and all episodes are available to download.


Disclaimer: Please understand the views expressed on this podcast do not always necessarily reflect that of the Seventh-day Adventist World Church. Occasionally there will be guests who directly disagree with our established doctrinal teachings on issues or may not even know them. I seek to create and host dialogue on very sensitive and difficult areas of culture, so some conversations may be rough around the edges and may make some uncomfortable.  That's the point. 

I ask for your prayers in this endeavor. At the end of the day, it is Jesus who must be uplifted and glorified.